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In my professional journey, I have meticulously honed a versatile skill set that spans spatial design, social media strategy, advertising, and generative AI, enabling me to craft captivating and innovative solutions across diverse industries. With a keen eye for immersive user experiences and a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies, I've empowered brands to thrive in the digital landscape.

My expertise extends to developing impactful marketing campaigns on major social media platforms and creating bespoke websites that drive lead generation. As an evangelist in the field of generative AI, I've facilitated transformative advancements in business, SaaS, design, and research.

My commitment to excellence and strategic acumen, nurtured through co-founding and successfully exiting an e-commerce venture, positions me as a catalyst for elevating brands and achieving their full potential.



The website for Mesmr was designed to be dynamic, including specific icons that were illustrated in-house, and 3D-rendered art, giving it an almost futuristic look with unique design elements. The thought behind designing the website was to showcase the brand of Mesmr, and its three products to truly show the potential of this brand in the Web 3.0 space.



Ai Chat Bot

The Aecc Chatbot seamlessly integrates advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques to efficiently collect user details and guide them towards tailored insights. Operating with analytical precision and a commitment to data-driven decision-making, this virtual assistant ensures that users embark on an informed journey, accessing relevant information regarding website content and structural guidance for study abroad consultations. .


Kamal as godfather


Imagine VKamal Hasan stepping into a retro pub straight out of the 1950s, a godfather-like figure with timeless charm. The pub's dimly lit, smoky atmosphere creates a cinematic ambiance. As he enters, the soft jazz music playing in the background adds to the nostalgic vibe. The camera focuses on Kamal, dressed in a tailored, midnight blue suit that perfectly complements the amber lighting.

We set the aperture to a wide f/1.4, allowing for a shallow depth of field. This creates a mesmerizing bokeh effect, with the vintage decorations and dimly glowing neon signs in the background turning into a dreamy, blurred mosaic of colors and lights.

Kamal leans against the polished wooden bar, his expression inscrutable. The camera captures the details of his confident demeanor, the subtle play of shadows on his face enhancing his mysterious allure.

The patrons, dressed in retro attire, sit at checkered tables with glistening cocktail glasses. The camera captures the wisps of smoke rising from their cigarettes, the trailing plumes adding an ethereal quality to the scene.

As the camera focuses on Kamal, we can almost hear the clinking of glasses and hushed conversations in the background. The soft glow from the hanging pendant lights bathes him in a warm, cinematic light.

This hyper-realistic scene encapsulates the essence of a retro mid-journey, with every camera parameter meticulously set to create a timeless and evocative image, where Kamal Hasan, the godfather figure, thrives in his element, and the atmosphere itself becomes a character in the narrative.



Immersive 3D

Immersive elements have been gaining traction within websites and applications, offering users more engaging experiences. As part of this ongoing trend, I've developed a mouse hover interaction that features a detailed skull.

Watch on desktop for full experience 

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